Guardian TA

Guardian Executive Threat Assessment is a comprehensive service that provides individuals with a detailed threat intelligence report, highlighting exposed personal information online. This report identifies compromised credentials, biographical details, company affiliations, and a contact information that may be publicly accessible or vulnerable. Additionally, it evaluates the individual’s social media presence, revealing potential risks and vulnerabilities. By offering an in-depth analysis, Guardian Executive Threat Assessment empowers individuals to understand their online exposure and take proative measures to safeguard their personal and professional information.

Guardian VA

Richter Guardian’s team of cybersecurity professionals conducts comprehensive security assessments to identify potential cyber risks that may impact your family’s safety. Our experts perform vulnerability assessments on your laptops, mobile phones, and tablets to ensure that your systems are updated and secured against potential threats.

The physical security assessment evaluates the overall security of your property’s perimeter, addressing both physical and remove access points. This assessment includes, identifying weak passwords and detecting rogue access points to enhance Wi-Fi security.