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Who has access to your data?

Your data is not shared with third parties not part of the Richter Guardian services.Third parties that are part of Richter Guardian services only use the data we provide to deliver those services.

We will not upload your personal data (such as photos, email, voicemail, or text messages) unless explicitly required for the services and clearly with your knowledge during the delivery of our services. 

We cannot openly see what websites and urls you visit. During an investigation of a significant cybersecurity event, we may need to collect this information to remediate the cybersecurity issue. We are discreet about the information we collect.

What information do we collect?

Information you provide to Richter Guardian and our subservice providers:

Personal data (such as first name; family name; position in the company [title]; company name; email address; phone number; address; city; postcode; country)

We need device details, including a list of installed applications to provide secure mobile services. We need device details, including IP address, operating system type and patch level, to provide secure endpoint services.

Where is your data being stored?

We use industry-standard data protection in Canada and the United States.

How is your data being protected from unauthorized access?

Our service is built with privacy and security as a primary concern.

We strictly limit access to client data to certified personnel who have undergone background checks. Data is encrypted at rest and in transit, ensuring no unauthorized access. Access to our systems is authenticated using industry-standard multi-factor authentication (MFA). We only use commercial-grade security tools from vendors and service providers recognized in the security and privacy community as best in class.


Are false positives often generated from the monitoring platform?

Our system uses advanced AI algorithms designed to minimize false positives. While no system is perfect, we continuously update our system based on feedback and new threat data to improve accuracy. Our experienced cyber security analysts review alerts and events continuously. We use a comprehensive escalation process to ensure we only engage you when necessary.  

How does the technology work?

We use commercial-grade technologies that are not available in the direct-to-consumer market. 

What happens if there’s a system malfunction?

Our systems are designed to provide a 99.9% uptime and utilize redundant systems in geographically diverse locations across North America to ensure continuity of service.

Will it integrate smoothly with other systems and security measures they already have in place?

Our platform has been designed to integrate smoothly with most common systems (i.e. Windows, Mac, iOS and Android). Our support team can assist with any unique integration needs.

In case of a breach or an alert, how quickly will clients be notified, and what steps will the service provider take?

The threat monitoring technologies we use on our platform automatically block and remediate security issues immediately when they are encountered with a very high success rate.

Our cybersecurity analysts monitor our system for daily alerts, five days a week during regular business hours EST, to continually check that our system is performing as designed. Based on our experience, this is sufficient, and we will continue to evaluate the need for additional cybersecurity analyst coverage.

In the event of a significant alert, clients are notified immediately. Our response team will also guide you on subsequent steps.

Can the service be tailored to their specific needs?

The systems we deploy will cover a wide variety of security concerns and use cases. 

We offer bespoke solutions tailored to individual needs, understanding that each client’s security concerns, risk exposure and cyber literacy might differ.

Our support team is available five days a week during regular business hours EST to provide you with professional cybersecurity advice and training.

How does your service differentiate from or integrate with these alternatives?

We aim to be partners in security rather than just service providers.

While other services are available, our unique value proposition lies in our comprehensive monitoring that includes capabilities not found by our competitors. We provide rapid response and personalized service. 

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